Beers with Chad

Beers with Chad #7-NCAA Athletics and Weightlifting

4032 3024 The Jugg Life

Chad fires up the cast iron to cook a New York strip, habanero sausage and Brussels Sprouts with Three Weaver Expatriate IPA to wash it down as he discusses how…

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Beers with Chad #6-Powerlifting Mount Rushmore

400 266 The Jugg Life

Who are the most influential powerlifters through each significant era of the sport? Chad drinks Knee Deep Brewing’s Lupilin River Imperial IPA and tells you who he thinks deserves to…

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Beers with Chad #5-Defranco’s and Juggernaut Origins

1242 701 The Jugg Life

Chad drinks Stone Brewing Co’s Inevitable Adventures Double IPA and discusses his recent trip to New York/New Jersey, as well as Defranco’s impact on him as a young coach and…

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Beers with Chad #4-Empowerment & Entitlement

2048 1534 The Jugg Life

Chad drinks Knee Deep Brewing Co’s Hop Trio Triple IPA and tells you about his trip to Australia, what’s on his DVR and rants about people complaining about lack of…

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Beers with Chad #3-Canberra, AUS

291 142 The Jugg Life

Chad hangs out in the Australian Capital, drinking Evil Eye IPA from Capital Brewing Co, with Australian Powerlifters/Coaches/Gym Owners John Sheridan (Burley Strength) and Thomas Lilliey (PTC Gold Coast).

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Beers with Chad #2-The Arnold

3024 2916 The Jugg Life

Chad drinks Moscow Mules and recaps The Arnold Sports Festival, suggesting ways to better structure the powerlifting competition and shining some light on some inconsistencies in USAW’s doping control.

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Beers with Chad #1-DLB in the USAPL

1080 1202 The Jugg Life

We kick off our bonus series of JuggLife episodes, Beers with Chad, with a discussion of Dana Linn Bailey and her place in the USAPL, as well as what chad…

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