Arnold Recap

1080 720 The Jugg Life

The team returns from The Arnold Sports Festival and we look back at our powerlifter and weightlifter’s performances, along with other top moments from the event.

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Transgender Athletes

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Seemingly every week there is a new article highlighting a transgender athlete winning a competition against females. Chad and Max discuss some of the ethics of this situation, as well…

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US Open Preview

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

This weekend brings us the biggest powerlifting meet of all-time, the USPA US Open, with over $200k of prize money. Who are the favorites to take home the cash in…

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Ahhhhhnold Preview

1956 1192 The Jugg Life

This weekend marks another Arnold Sports Festival, the annual fitness freak show in Columbus, OH. Chad and Max preview the weekend’s events for Strongman, Powerlifting and Weightlifting with a special…

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Australia Recap: Coming from a Land Down Under

640 622 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max recap Chad’s recent lifting in Australia, as well as discussing the value of a near win and other shenanigans.

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Ilya Ilyin’s Legacy and IPF Worlds Preview

1600 1135 The Jugg Life

How has Ilya Ilyin’s 2 positive drug tests affected his legacy in weightlifting? Max and Chad also preview this weekend’s IPF World Championship where Marisa Inda will be competing in…

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Jacob Tsypkin: Regionals Reflections

585 338 The Jugg Life

Jacob Tsypkin of TZStrength reflects on his athlete’s experiences at Regionals and looks forward to the CrossFit Games. Use JUGG for 20% off Jacob’s book, Fitness as Sport, from now…

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Jordan Clarke

1112 626 The Jugg Life

Max and Chad are joined by 4x NCAA Champion, 2015 World Championships Team member and 2016 Olympic Hopeful shot putter, Jordan Clarke, to discuss growing up in Alaska, the not-so-glamorous…

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Danny Camargo

640 326 The Jugg Life

Danny Carmago has gone from top level athlete, dominating the US Junior lifting scene in the mid-90s, to now a top level coach, serving as an international team coach on…

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