Arnold Recap

1080 720 The Jugg Life

The team returns from The Arnold Sports Festival and we look back at our powerlifter and weightlifter’s performances, along with other top moments from the event.

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Q&A | Bench and Deadlift for Weightlifters

1440 960 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max answer your questions including: 1. Why do I keep broad jumping when I snatch?: 00:00:56 2. Differences building up to a top set vs doing straight sets,…

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Sumo for Conventional and Q&A

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max take listener questions including the efficacy of training opposite techniques, like Sumo for Conventional pullers.

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Jeff Nichols

2048 1364 The Jugg Life

Former Navy SEAL, Collegiate Strength Coach and all-around badass, Jeff Nichols, joins Chad and Max to discuss his military service, mental toughness, recovery and lessons that athletes can learn from…

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Mighty Ducks and Weightlifting

970 490 The Jugg Life

Max and Chad take questions from fans ranging from how to assess if a weightlifter needs more strength or technique, as well as our favorite sports movies.

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