Bryce Lewis

2400 1600 The Jugg Life

2x IPF World Champion Bryce Lewis joins us to discuss why he took this year off from USAPL Nationals and some of the sport psychology strategies that have helped him…

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Aaron Thomas

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Aaron Thomas, Masters in Sport Physiology and Coaching, has coached hundreds of athletes in Sport Performance, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, most notably guiding Jennifer Millican to the top of the IPF.…

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Meet Week Preparation & USAPL Nationals Preview

1500 1000 The Jugg Life

How can you best set yourself up for success in competition? Chad and Max discuss some physical and mental strategies to help you perform your best where it counts, on…

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The JuggLife LIVE | Arlington

2897 1931 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max put on a Squat Clinic at Arlington Strength in Arlington, TX and discuss exercise selection for the squat. Dollar Shave Club, get everything you need to look,…

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LS McClain

1280 720 The Jugg Life

LS McClain, 2x 93kg IPF World Champion, joins us to discuss his championship performances, mindset towards competing, life as an underdog and more. Today’s episode is brought to you by…

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2018 IPF Worlds Preview

2048 1534 The Jugg Life

Max and Chad highlight some of the upcoming storylines at 2018 IPF Classic Worlds in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Jesse Burdick

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Jesse Burdick has played many roles in many eras of powerlifting. Jesse began as an equipped (Single Ply and Multi Ply lifter) in the mid 2000s where he achieved Elite…

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Beers with Chad #6-Powerlifting Mount Rushmore

400 266 The Jugg Life

Who are the most influential powerlifters through each significant era of the sport? Chad drinks Knee Deep Brewing’s Lupilin River Imperial IPA and tells you who he thinks deserves to…

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Men From A Land Down Under

1140 900 The Jugg Life

Top Australian Powerlifters Critta Stamatiou (75kg National Record Total) and Alex Deken (90kg National Record Total) join Chad in Melbourne, AUS on the eve of Pro Raw X to discuss…

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Stan Efferding: The Return of Rhino

1080 720 The Jugg Life

Stan Efferding, one of our most popular guest ever, invites us into his garage gym in Las Vegas, NV to discuss working with 4x World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw, his…

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