2018 USAW Nationals Recap

1142 850 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max recap the 2018 Pan-Am Games and 2018 USA Weightlifting Nationals, as well as the impact that Jack Clark’s words have had on Max’s coaching. Listen to the…

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Jasha Faye

3000 2000 The Jugg Life

Max and Chad head to Marin Heavy Athletics in Marin County, CA to talk with Coach/USAW Board Member Jasha Faye about his lifting career, USAW’s place in international lifting and…

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JuggLife LIVE | Oakland

3000 2000 The Jugg Life

We visit Max’s Gym in Oakland, CA to discuss training the Snatch and developing Bar Trajectory. Today’s episode is brought to you by Hyphy and Hypertrophy. Max defines Bar Trajectory…

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The JuggLife LIVE | Queens

2753 1856 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max visit JDI Barbell in Queens, NY for a Snatch Workshop and special LIVE episode of The JuggLife discussing developing time to fixation in the Snatch and Clean…

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Mattie Rogers

1080 697 The Jugg Life

Mattie Rogers, World Championships Silver Medalist and Multiple Time US National Champion, joins the JuggLife to discuss her training, the state of USA Weightlifting and more.

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The JuggLife LIVE | Reno

1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Max and Chad visit Black Iron Gym in Reno, NV, home to Team Juggernaut lifters Quiana Welch and Alexandra LaChance for a special LIVE episode of The JuggLife.

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John Broz

1080 720 The Jugg Life

John Broz is a walking encyclopedia of Weightlifting history, as well as producing some of the strongest lifters in America. Today, he joins us for a new episode of The…

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[Bonus] 2017 World Weightlifting Championships

2558 1512 The Jugg Life

Chad and Max recap the 2017 World Weightlifting Championships that just concluded in Anaheim, CA.

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Alyssa Ritchey

3000 2000 The Jugg Life

48kg National Champion Weightlifter Alyssa Ritchey joins us to discuss her transition from weightlifting to CrossFit, dieting down to the 48kg class and more.

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Team Weightlifting Q&A

4032 3024 The Jugg Life

Juggernaut Head Coach Max Aita is joined by weightlifters Alyssa Ritchey, Quiana Welch, Kristi Brewer, Kalynn Pepito and Janyce Okamoto for a special Q&A during their training camp in Park…

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