Jesse Burdick

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Jesse Burdick has played many roles in many eras of powerlifting. Jesse began as an equipped (Single Ply and Multi Ply lifter) in the mid 2000s where he achieved Elite status in 5 different weight classes. As powerlifting has changed from the multiply era to the raw era, Jesse changed with it, competing raw, coaching, running a gym and directing meets. In today’s episode, brought to you by Big Heads and Banded Deads, we visit Jesse at his home base of  CSA Gym in Dublin, CA and discuss Jesse’s athletic background and how he came to run PowerWOD (3:32), his introduction to Powerlifting (6:54), the early days of Powerlifting information on the internet (8:50), Jesse’s transition from Multi Ply to Raw (12:45), the differences in Multiply and Raw culture (15:05), differences in equipped and raw training (26:00) and how Powerlifting meets can be better/more marketable (38:30). Enjoy!

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