Wade Johnson

2100 1400 The Jugg Life

Wade Johnson has seen the growth and change of Powerlifting from 2 very interesting vantage points. As former SPF Head Judge, Wade was in the judges chair for some of multiply powerlifting’s biggest (and most infamous lifts), now as Coach/Handler for 2x IPF World Champion Jen Millican, he sees a…


1400 1400 The Jugg Life


Chad shares a presentation on Peaking Program Design and Mindset from a seminar in Victoria, Australia.

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1013 1012 The Jugg Life


Max Aita has been a weightlifter, a powerlifter and a coach. He has trained under some of the most respected…

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3000 2000 The Jugg Life

JuggLife LIVE | Oakland

We visit Max’s Gym in Oakland, CA to discuss training the Snatch and developing Bar Trajectory. Today’s episode is brought…

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2048 2048 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #8-My Favorite Podcasts

Chad drinks Stone Brewing Co’s Exalted IPA and discusses some of his highlights from this week’s JuggLife episode with Jesse…

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1920 1080 The Jugg Life

Jesse Burdick

Jesse Burdick has played many roles in many eras of powerlifting. Jesse began as an equipped (Single Ply and Multi…

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4032 3024 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #7-NCAA Athletics and Weightlifting

Chad fires up the cast iron to cook a New York strip, habanero sausage and Brussels Sprouts with Three Weaver…

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2850 1545 The Jugg Life

JuggLife LIVE | Long Island

We head to OutLift Athletics, a fantastic facility on Long Island, for a Squat Workshop and JuggLife LIVE event. We…

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1080 720 The Jugg Life

Zach Even Esh

Zach Even Esh aka The Underground Strength Coach, is a pioneer of the warehouse gym and unique training methods. He…

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400 266 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #6-Powerlifting Mount Rushmore

Who are the most influential powerlifters through each significant era of the sport? Chad drinks Knee Deep Brewing’s Lupilin River…

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2753 1856 The Jugg Life

The JuggLife LIVE | Queens

Chad and Max visit JDI Barbell in Queens, NY for a Snatch Workshop and special LIVE episode of The JuggLife…

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1242 701 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #5-Defranco’s and Juggernaut Origins

Chad drinks Stone Brewing Co’s Inevitable Adventures Double IPA and discusses his recent trip to New York/New Jersey, as well…

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1080 720 The Jugg Life

Joe Defranco

One of the pioneers of the Strength & Conditioning industry and one of the greatest inspirations in starting Juggernaut, Joe…

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2048 1534 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #4-Empowerment & Entitlement

Chad drinks Knee Deep Brewing Co’s Hop Trio Triple IPA and tells you about his trip to Australia, what’s on…

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1140 900 The Jugg Life

Men From A Land Down Under

Top Australian Powerlifters Critta Stamatiou (75kg National Record Total) and Alex Deken (90kg National Record Total) join Chad in Melbourne,…

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291 142 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #3-Canberra, AUS

Chad hangs out in the Australian Capital, drinking Evil Eye IPA from Capital Brewing Co, with Australian Powerlifters/Coaches/Gym Owners John…

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1080 720 The Jugg Life

Arnold Recap

The team returns from The Arnold Sports Festival and we look back at our powerlifter and weightlifter’s performances, along with…

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3024 2916 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #2-The Arnold

Chad drinks Moscow Mules and recaps The Arnold Sports Festival, suggesting ways to better structure the powerlifting competition and shining…

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1080 697 The Jugg Life

Mattie Rogers

Mattie Rogers, World Championships Silver Medalist and Multiple Time US National Champion, joins the JuggLife to discuss her training, the…

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1080 1202 The Jugg Life

Beers with Chad #1-DLB in the USAPL

We kick off our bonus series of JuggLife episodes, Beers with Chad, with a discussion of Dana Linn Bailey and…

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1440 960 The Jugg Life

Q&A | Bench and Deadlift for Weightlifters

Chad and Max answer your questions including: 1. Why do I keep broad jumping when I snatch?: 00:00:56 2. Differences…

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1920 1080 The Jugg Life

The JuggLife LIVE | Reno

Max and Chad visit Black Iron Gym in Reno, NV, home to Team Juggernaut lifters Quiana Welch and Alexandra LaChance…

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1080 838 The Jugg Life

Bo Sandoval: UFC Performance Institute

Bo Sandoval, Strength & Conditioning Director at the UFC Performance Institute, joins us to discuss High Performance and balancing the…

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