Wade Johnson

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Wade Johnson has seen the growth and change of Powerlifting from 2 very interesting vantage points. As former SPF Head Judge, Wade was in the judges chair for some of multiply powerlifting’s biggest (and most infamous lifts), now as Coach/Handler for 2x IPF World Champion Jen Millican, he sees a…


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Back In Action

Chad and Max return from a bit of an unintended podcasting hiatus to discuss more Positive tests in the IWF,…

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Tee Popoola: Dr. Delts

We are joined by new 242 World Record holder, Tee Popoola, fresh off his 2099 Total at 242 in sleeves,…

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Will Bands Make Them Dance?

Chad and Max discuss the use and utility of bands for weightlifting.

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Olympic Trials Preview

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Travis Cooper & Colin Burns: Juggernaut Weightlifting Camp

Travis Cooper and Colin Burns join Chad at the completion of their week in SoCal for Juggernaut Weightlifting Camp to…

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Differences in Powerlifting & Weightlifting Training

Powerlifting and Weightlifting are often seen as brother (or sister) sports, but are there really many similarities in training for…

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Jo Ann Aita: Master of Disaster

The guys recap some of the amazing performances at IPF Worlds, as well as some of the lowlights of the…

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Ilya Ilyin’s Legacy and IPF Worlds Preview

How has Ilya Ilyin’s 2 positive drug tests affected his legacy in weightlifting? Max and Chad also preview this weekend’s…

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Jacob Tsypkin: Regionals Reflections

Jacob Tsypkin of TZStrength reflects on his athlete’s experiences at Regionals and looks forward to the CrossFit Games. Use JUGG…

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Q&A: Frequency, Plateaus, Books and Crooks

Chad and Max take questions from Instagram ranging from training frequency, differences in training males and females, favorite training literature…

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Jordan Clarke

Max and Chad are joined by 4x NCAA Champion, 2015 World Championships Team member and 2016 Olympic Hopeful shot putter,…

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Danny Camargo

Danny Carmago has gone from top level athlete, dominating the US Junior lifting scene in the mid-90s, to now a…

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Dr. Mike Israetel: Muscle Building and Bulging Bulgarians

Dr. Mike Israetel, Professor of Exercise Science and Nutrition at Temple University and Head Science Consultant at Renaissance Periodization, joins…

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Today we are joined by USAPL National Champion and IPF World Team member, Marisa Inda, to discuss her career as…

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Foam Rolling: What Is It Good For?

Dr. Quinn Henoch of ClinicalAthlete.com joins Chad and Max to discuss the applications of mobility implements in the training process.

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Fresh off of his 1045kg/2303# total in wraps at the LA Fit Expo, Brandon Allen, joins his coach Chad Wesley…

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Chad discusses the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in strength sports and the recent rash of positive tests at IWF…

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Anthony Pomponio: From Posing Trunks to Weightlifting Platform

Anthony Pomponio, National and American Open Champion in the 85kg Class, joins Chad to discuss his transitions from football to…

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Chad shares a presentation on Peaking Program Design and Mindset from a seminar in Victoria, Australia.

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Max Aita has been a weightlifter, a powerlifter and a coach. He has trained under some of the most respected…

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